coal-express Game

Description: Train games fan !! Coal express is back, revision 5. Collect your cargo from your base and deliver it to your destination, this game also has upgrades like the last version. Upgrade your trains with speed, acceleration, and balance to help you complete the levels as you go through them.
Instructions: Use the arrow keys to control your train.
Tags: Train Games, Car Games, Simulation Games, Racing Games, Driving Games

Ageless War

Wage war against different eras of soldiers as you build your city, purchase weapons and armor, and cast powerful magic spells. Place buildings that create soldiers to fight against the enemy and destroy their base. Upgrade your buildings and equipment to help overpower the enemy.

Use the mouse in game to position buildings etc.

Game Tags: Defense Games, Shooting Games, Strategy Games

Space Bugs

Your aim is to fly your space fighter and shoot down the invading hostile space bugs and clear them off, before advancing to the next level. Avoid getting hit by the enemy bullets or you'll lose a life, and remember that you've got only 3 lives. Be careful as you proceed and be prepared to face more challenging enemies as the game progresses.

· Move Around / Fire = Mouse (left click button)

Game Tags: Classic Games, Space Games